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Welcome to Cornwall, SouthWest Homeopathy by Deborah Young ACH Dip Hom

Helping To Rediscover Natural Healing The Way Nature Intended

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Deborah Young and I am a fully professionally qualified Homeopathic Practitioner providing Homeopathic treatment to adults and children for all kinds of health problems from physical to emotional. I have practices in Camelford and Liskeard or a virtual consultation can be held by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime

About Me....

I qualified in 2004 from the prestigious Allen College of Homeopathy in Essex. I have undertaken post graduate courses in India and Spain and continue my development on a daily basis

As an alternative health care practitioner I pride myself on my professionalism and commitment to my patients wellbeing and confidentiality, the success for my patients is due to my extensive training and ongoing commitment and of course the homeopathic medicine itself for which I will be eternally grateful

Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine in which treatment is tailored to the individual.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine when necessary to give an integrated approach to your healthcare


I offer a chance for you to discuss your health problems in full in a confidential environment with someone from outside your day-to-day life

All consultations are held in privacy and with the upmost confidentiality

Your first appointment is approximately 90 minutes, you are listened to!

Follow up appointments are up to 45 minutes

I have practices in Camelford and Liskeard and cover all surrounding areas of Bude, Plymouth and Wadebridge. Also Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime consultations are available

A Problem Shared....

Feeling unwell can make people face difficulties in their everyday lives that normally wouldn't be an issue, which can be hard. Homeopathic treatment is a start to restoring your health

As a Homeopath I will treat the cause of the problem, so therefore, finding the root cause, this enables your body to start working naturally without suppression to alleviate the symptoms

What Health Problems can Homeopathy help with?

People come to me for help for a wide range of health conditions. Below are a few and many more:-

Cornwall Homeopath, SouthWest UK, Bodmin, Bude, Camelford, Liskeard, Plymouth, Wadebridge ,Kernow

Mental Health Conditions

e.g Depression & Anxiety


e.g Sports Injuries

Skin Conditions e.g eczema

Grief, Loss or bereavement


Hormonal Complaints

e.g Menopause


Digestive Problems

e.g IBS



 I was diagnosed with 3 pretty large Polyps in my uterus. Symptoms were very painful, heavy and erratic periods, bleeding in between periods, fatigue and generally feeling like crap!! I was informed that I would need surgery to remove them at a cost of $14k. I decided to go down the homeopathy route with Debbie. Fast forward to 11 months later I had my gynae check up, and my Doctor went very quiet when doing the ultrasound scan. He spent a good few minutes checking the whole area until he said they have completely disappeared  Apparently this can happen, although in his experience (he is head of his department and in his mid 70’s so very experienced!), he has never seen large polyps like mine disappear on their own. He put it down to a healthy lifestyle  So thank you Debbie for holding my hand through this journey, and for your professionalism and reassurance. Homeopathy absolutely works and I will continue to use it for the health and well being of my whole family, and to spread the word to anyone who will listen to me! 

Emma, Thailand


I visited Debbie whilst suffering from an enlarged prostrate. I was on a concoction of heavy duty drugs which had many unpleasant side effects. The consultant had insisted that I would have to take them for life and assured me that at my age I would just have to tolerate the situation.

I began to feel better from my first visit to Debbie. The immediate impact of her treatment was a general improvement in my feeling of well being, which, following some early adjustments to dosage, have more or less remained as permanent features of my life. In time I began to notice real improvements to my condition and I am now free of all symptoms. I am grateful to be able to live my life quite normally once more without the unpleasant and inconvenient side effects of the drugs prescribed by the NHS consultant.

I have every confidence in Debbie's ability to make a difference and I am now undergoing treatment with her for another condition. I would recommend her to anyone considering an alternative

to mainstream medicine.

Thank you.

Frank, Cornwall


At around the age of 4, my youngest son started developing signs of Asthma in certain circumstances. Sadly, these circumstances included the fact that any problem would go to his chest. He has had allergies and Eczema from infancy and the doctor said this was to be expected. When spring came and with it the various pollens, he wheezed almost all the time unless on antihistamine medicine. During the summer, the heat and the dust would bring on the same symptoms and the once regular trips to a local open farm were stopped due to his reaction to the animals. Finally, when he was prescribed inhalers by the doctor, I insisted in him seeing a paediatrician. Whilst waiting for the appointment, I spoke to Debbie about his problem. She agreed to take on his case. She asked many in depth questions and made her decisions about his treatment. She was confident she could help him. That was in March of this year (2006.) It is now September. He has had no need to touch the medicines prescribed by the paediatrician, (who did know I was treating him homoeopathically and was fine about it). But added to all this is the other things that have improved for him. He used to sniff all the time due to large amounts of mucous, which was starting to drive me mad. This has now stopped completely. He is calmer in himself and more ready to listen. He eats better than he had been doing and he sleeps longer too. He seems more tolerant of raw eggs, which before he could not touch at all without coming out in a rash. I am amazed and thrilled by the results of his treatment. No-one likes to see their child in discomfort or with seemingly endless illnesses. Neither would we choose to have them on medication if it is not necessary. Debbie’s consultations are always carried out with the utmost care and in a calm and professional way. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. It is with grateful thanks that I write this, on behalf of my little boy and the whole family. Adele, Rayleigh, Essex


I first consulted Debbie when we both lived in Southend-on-Sea to try and do something about my long-standing skin problem. We have been working together for over a year, now via telephone and email as we both have moved, and my condition has never been so clear and healthy. I no longer think of myself as a person with a problem!

As well as this the emotional roller coaster that was my life is now calmed and balanced, I feel happy and able to cope.

Many thanks to Debbie for her encouragement, experience, humour and professionalism.

Heather M. Netherlands


These do not represent evidence but the personal opinion of the patients I have treated.  An audit of my practice shows that patients coming with a diagnosis from their doctor of the named conditions, sought treatment from myself over a period of time

My location....

I work from the beautiful County of Cornwall in the SouthWest of the UK, and see patients from all over the world. In person or Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime

I have practices in Camelford and Liskeard and cover all surrounding areas of Bude, Plymouth and Wadebridge, Bodmin


Homeopathy consultations for individuals last 90 minutes for the first consultation and up to 45 minutes for follow up consultations, usually taking place on a 4 to 6 weekly basis

Adult £70 (child under 12, £50) for the first consultation

Follow Up Consultation adult £55 (child under 12, £35)

Homeopathic medicine is charged extra

Note that if you want to cancel an appointment I require 24 hours’ notice; otherwise you will still need to pay for any consultation missed. I accept payment by bank transfer

Get in touch....

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how Homeopathy works and can help you or to arrange a consultation. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to see me, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help

You can also call me on +447851447000 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging a consultation

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly private and confidential